Sarel van Zyl

I grew up in a small town and, as a young boy, spent much time with nature. It was during my formative years that I developed an intense passion for our environment. This passion has only been cemented as, throughout my corporate career, I have been blessed to travel and live in very diverse corners of the globe.

It was only later in life that I was able to afford my first camera and this finally enabled photography to play a more permanent and major role in my life.

Behind the camera I am able to see and ultimately share intimate moments of intense beauty; picture the privilege of witnessing a lioness play with her cubs in the coolness of an African evening or a majestic eagle soaring high above the plains with his feathers resplendent in the rising sun. Being able to share those moments is a gift I am blessed with.

I am no expert or professional photographer – I am simply a man with a passion.